Sing! Play For Manchester!

Play! Sing! Dance! Enjoy!

#MusicWeLove — #ForManchester

Young Ariana Grande can’t help but take a break from the stage. She too is abused by the brain washers that weaponizes “their” young ones into self destruction.

That means everyone else must play stronger, louder, longer. I want to go to concerts. #ForManchester

I will go #ForManchester now. To all the concerts I have planned, and then some. I will take friends with me. We will not go in terror. We will go with resolve.

#ForManchester — #ForParis — #ForOrlando

For all the kids, youth and parents who are entitled to be scared. For Ariana and her band, dancers and riggers and all. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

For The Love Of All Music Makers, Artists And Fans.

Music Will Not Be Silenced!

Ariana Grande — Manchester Evening News — Photo: Sean Hansford:

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