Return of Pink Floyd / Fashiøn duo ZEE

David Harris and Richard Wright on ZEE press publicity photo from 1984

Some are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their treasures of the age of analogue audio carriers find their way through the jungle of imagined digital ears in order to secure lasting places in its well deserved aficionados’ hearing organs.

ZEE – the duo – was probably never so much an “artist” of the day as it will be tomorrow. Dave Harris of Fashiøn and the late Richard Wright (1943 – 2008), keyboardist of Pink Floyd, made one album together as Zee: “Identity” (1984) on the legendary Harvest-label.zee-zignatuhr

The job to secure it a proper and extensive re-issue, and to bring it pass all the common pitfalls of the digital domain, is now past the planning. The final signature from Mr. Harris was penned, captured and shared today, 20 July 2018.

Due to a wish from Richard Wright’s family, the new edition of ZEE Identity will not include bonus tracks, as was planned at an early stage (see image below). Instead, new fans and former home taping rascals will be able to obtain a slightly more purist Identity closer to the originally intended release.


At the same time, we won’t see the Identity 2018 on CD becoming the kind of early-CD-age compensation edition for the compact collector who would like all the maxi-single tracks, single edits and B-sides without surpassing the 5″ compact thing in its compact jewel case.


On the other hand, Dave Harris is able to promise The Eclectic Blog | Total Music that lost tracks and other memorabilia will be made available separately:

– “I know the fans of Zee would have loved to hear any unreleased music. I will be releasing the 7”-edit and 12”-version of “Confusion” and the B-side “Eyes Of A Gypsy” as a bonus CD. I will be looking to release “Before The Sun Is Gone” or maybe an EP after the album has been released,” Harris says.

Tray inlay card of CD cover of 2017 version of ZEE – Identity

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