M.C. Escher As A Composer

“I Fell Up The Stairs (M.C. Escher Was Here)”

A piece of music played by a string quartet reading the sheets upside down, recorded from the right channel, and a piano playing the same piece sheets read backwards from the left channel, the recording panning across, and mid-way the musicians exchanges reading directions.

Whether the musicians would change reading direction from their own first direction, or pianist switch reading manner with the strings and vise versa, that is left out here — not that actually hearing anyone play like this would make it any clearer, which in turn of course is exactly the point.

M.C. Escher wouldn’t compose the music himself. He would take a known piece of music. Anything else would be pointless. And, by the way — or another, there’s already a classical composer by the name of Escher, namely Rudolf (1912 – 1980). It wouldn’t be any point in taking one of his pieces either, they simply are not well enough known.

I would firmly believe M.C. Escher would pick no other piece than Ravel’s Bolero.

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